CosMO runs as a Web Server that serves Web Pages to browsers as well as API for integrating with a Mobile App, Nomitech CostOS Workstation and 3rd Party apps.

It can serve these assets using a HTTP or HTTPS connection.

It connects to a Microsoft SQL Database to store data.

It also uses storage on the Server it is installed on for user uploaded images and files.

It is built using the following technologies/frameworks

  • Java. As the program is written in Java it needs a Java Runtime Environment to run. Such environment is provided with the supplied installer.
  • Spring Boot. Spring Boot is a Java framework that makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications
  • Microsoft SQL Server. Data is stored on that database and it must be installed and configured before use.
  • Tomcat. The application uses an embedded Tomcat to serve Web Pages and APIs
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